We’ve been battling the stomach flu here. I am thoroughly grossed out and have been wiping all surfaces in the house with antibacterial wipes. Dad doesn’t think they make any difference but I refuse to not try to do something. Scott and Nathan were by far the hardest hit, and Arlie is the only one who hasn’t succumbed yet, though her nose is suspiciously stuffy this morning.

I’m making excuses for not writing. To my credit I haven’t been cleaning or cooking either, just sitting in the big chair with the TV on and napping as often as possible. The necessity of watching kids tv instead of what I want to watch (House of Cards, or a Netflix documentary, please) is frustrating.¬†Octonauts and Strawberry Shortcake don’t make me feeeeeeeelll better, I want to wail. Everyone knows there are medicinal properties to West Wing, and I have been deprived of this necessary therapy.

Anyway, today I’m feeling closer to human, and am going to write whiny, uninspired stuff on my blog and call it a victory.


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