2014, take one

Im always optimistic on New Year’s Eve. I like imagining the beginning of things. Tonight feels gently full of promise, even if it is 10 pm and I’m the only person left awake in the house, even as my chest and throat cringe with dessert-induced heartburn. Resolutions feel like an elaborate way to set up disappointment, so instead I’m thinking about what I want to be able to look back on 364 days from now and notice, hey, that did change this time around!

1. 2014 is the year I started making money with my writing.

I don’t care how much, or when, but this is the year I take my craft from journal entries to submitted pieces. So much needs to change for this to actually happen. I need to get serious about my time again. I’ve been giving it away all month. No more. I need to learn to finish pieces. I need to submit them.

2. Move more. Use up those 9 free classes at swymfit. Take hikes and walks with the dog. Restart yoga, stretching, crunches, squats. Become someone who isn’t winded quite so much.

3. Lose 20# and keep it off all year.

This will take exercise and lifestyle change. Vegas is a good motivator. Atkins would probably work short term but long term I can’t keep it up. Shopping habits need to change, then exercise and cooking strategies. I wonder where my fitbit is or my fuel band.


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